C House 



The concept of the C-House is to combine the pre-fabric core in every layout of a house you want to

The design of this compact building with its changeable layout can adapt to various different conditions. Individual families want individual customized homes. With the C-House you get more than one layout in one house.

Due to the central core, the space can be designed freely. Families have many possibilities for room arrangement and space use around the core. Even if you have opted for a place for the core, you are free to design and modify your upper floor. This makes the C-house perfect for any situation of our lives. We also believe that the core could be add to existing houses by example to transform old fabrics in new living areas in a very easy way.


The core is the heart of the C-House. The supply of the whole house is ensured by the core. It contains all the technical equipment and pipes, the kitchen and the two bathrooms. All devices such as the heat pump, the heat storage, the ice storage and all electrical equipment are integrated in the core.


Here you see the design of the C-house for the competition. On the ground floor we have the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The extra space, we use for the car. For the upper floor we choose 2 bedrooms and an additional area. This can be a dressing room, a workroom or a teasalon

Exterior View

The building should only be conditioned directly through the core. This means that neither water or air pipes are laid in the surface of the building. A wall system is used to ensure that the living space is kept at the right temperature. This can cool in the summer and also serves as a dehumidifier and is used for heating in the winter.

The energy concept consist of a brine-water heat pump, which primarily obtains the heat from the 2m³ ice storage tank. If this is not available at cold outside temperatures, a liquid cooler is used. Secondary side is loaded into a 200 liter heating tank. The DHW cylinder is integrated in the heat pump. Since heating, cooling and dehumidification are required, the shaft cooling and heating system is used as a transfer system.

Electrical Engineering Concept

To provide the energy for the building, a 30,3 kWp photovoltaicsystem is installed on the roof and the east and west facade. This electricity is used for household appliances, ventilation and heat pump. In addition, the PV surplus can be stored temporarily in a 10 kWh battery.

Water Management Concept

The storage tank for the heating water is provided by a brine water heat pump in winter and the integrated DHW storage tank in the heat pump is loaded. An ice storage tank is used as brine, which is bypassed in winter and the heat is extracted from the ambient air via a recooler.

In addition, a rainwater usage is provided which should be installed in the garden. However, the containers are very large and only 0.3 metres may be dug into the ground during the competition. Therefore, this technology was not used in the competition.

HVAC Concept

The ice storage tank is used for cooling and dehumidification in the summer month via the wall system which is similar to a wall cooling system, but with this system much higher performance can be achieved, because an c times larger surface area is available, depending on the number of mats. The shaft have an opening in the upper and lower area. Due to the natural thermal, warm air rises upwards, cool air sinks, an air roller is created in the room. In the shafts above the kitchen and above the living room, this free convection is operated at a low temperature level. The shafts in the living room on the ground floor and one shaft in each bedroom are used for cooling and dehumidification. In these shafts there is no free flow of air through the chamber. The free air is preconditioned and cleaned by the underground duct and the ventilation system, which is dehumidified in shaft and this simultaneously cooled.

A ventilation unit with heat recovery and two filter stages ensures clean and always fresh air in the living area. The outlets are located in the heating and cooling system of the walls to the living room and the bedrooms.


The interior design is characterized by a clear and pure concept. The core as the main piece of furniture represents the focal point. It divides the total space into individual functional areas. The furnishing will be elegant and reserved, according to the motto: less is more


The exterior concept also reflects the modular design of the C-House. The concept is based on prefabricated modules which are easy to install on site. They offer the visitors great opportunities for recreation during the exhibition. In addition, they offer the potential residents a pleasant stay and well-being place.

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